ATS Inspect / ATS Interlink Training for Current Customers

See the schedule and agenda of ATS Inspect training.


1st day
  • Advanced ATS Inspect features
    • Dynamic lookups
    • Checklist questions
    • Lookup configurations
  • Plant Metrics report
  • Direct Run
  • Defects Per Unit
  • Serial Port Handler
  • CAPs
  • GateKeeper

2nd day
  • New features in recent releases
  • New modules
    • ATS Interlink
    • Auditor
    • Mobile Checklist
    • Mobile Repair
    • Mobile Confirmation

3rd day
  • Advanced Reporting Services (ARS)
    • Installation
    • Overview of new reports
    • Creating subscriptions
    • Creating custom reports
  • Sharing best practices from other users
  • Brainstorming ideas to enhance the product


ATS Inspect 6.0 Webinar: Defect, Scrap and Rework Analysis Software

We are proud to introduce a brand new version of our industrial quality management software, ATS Inspect 6.0, which is designed to improve product quality and reduce...