Toyota South Africa chooses ATS Inspect for Visual Inspection and Defect Management

Toyota extended the use of ATS Inspect, Quality Inspection Software, to their South African plant following major successes following implementations in North America and Australia. The Australian plant won the National Quality Award when ATS Inspect helped reduce defects leaving the assembly facility to zero.

ATS Inspect enables operators and inspectors to enter defect information visually along the line and then manage defect repair and clearance. The ease of use means both small and large manufacturers are applying this technology globally.

Toyota today manufactures a diverse line-up of vehicles all over the globe. As an innovation leader, Toyota is well-known for its management philosophy and as the world's first mass-market hybrids.


Toyota Place New Order in Malaysia for Quality Inspection Software

ATS is happy to announce that their Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect, will soon be helping to maintain high production standards at Toyota in Malaysia.