ATS Inspect Increases Quality at Medical Device Manufacturer

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just received an order to implement ATS Inspect, Quality Inspection Software at a medical device manufacturer in Ireland.

This company is part of a global medical device producer that manufactures replacement limb joints. The pilot scheme is being implemented in the foundry where the initial castings are produced prior to machining and processing. Recording visual defects will enable the company to identify problem areas as soon as they arise.

With the customizable reporting capabilities of Inspect they’ll also be able to spot trends over hours, days and weeks. This powerful analysis tool will help them save money thanks to better planned maintenance and repair schedules, not to mention the savings from reduced scrap.

With ATS Inspect they will be able to raise and maintain the highest production quality possible.

Quality control in medical industry


Toyota Place New Order in Malaysia for Quality Inspection Software

ATS is happy to announce that their Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect, will soon be helping to maintain high production standards at Toyota in Malaysia.